My Old ******** Aka

I started out as Roxy when I first started dancing, but became Mistress Roxy when my client base became a bit more specialized.  I found that I loved to "crack the whip" so to speak.  I also developed a client base that loved pain.  I know just how to give it. 

I cut that part of my life out for a long time and now I need certain parts of it back.

36-40, F
1 Response Mar 16, 2009

It was both the most and least fun time of my life...<br />
The parts that most people think are hard are not, the worst is when you have a bill due and you walk out of there with less than $20. You might have a night where you think you look like crap or did not wash your hair and walk out with hundreds....The bad nights hurt your self confidence and you get so tired of "honey, Ill get you away from this..."