Ethacron the Chaos Bringer

Ethacron, in reality it was a direct take off of my fav. super villian~ UNICRON (G1tranformers mannn) 

it started as a joke between me and joshlactus andgrew into halo SN's and i just adopted it for most anything as it is not taken evar.


it's funny how unicron is the "chaos bringer" and i myself enjoy chaos and indeed practice some chaos magick.

however at the time of this i was not using my current name of"Boz" so my SN might change......


BillySasquatch BillySasquatch
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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I played Everquest when it first came out, I looked in a Dictonary. and Seen Devious. User name was took. So I used the Alternative spelling " Devoius" My chars name was Devoius Mischeif. after "devoius wizonastick" because of the inaporiate use of Stick, I guess.

my username has to do with a favorite book of mine from a few years ago. it's become my regular user name so i remeber it, even if it's not my fav book anymore.

mine has been changed for the recent....jury is out on whether it was for the better.

haha mine is pretty obvious, but its a HUGE pet peev of mine when people spell my name (krissy) with a CH (Chrissy) <br />
<br />
i think it looks lame and its just simply NOT my name lol