My username was really supposed to be "Lambchops", but for some reason they wouldn't allow it, so I settled with "Lamchops". I had to decide which letter to take out that would least effect the sound of the word. My boyfriend came up with this nickname for me because I have curly hair! I'm guessing its from some cartoon or something. He doesnt like "baby" or "boo" or "shawty", and neither do I!
Lamchops Lamchops
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mine is in honour of dita von teese and her beauty as a modern day pin up ...and my addiction to chocolate...

that's really sweet, kewpiedoll! what did they smell like?

Yeah, auroraaustralis, I think you're right!

Mine is from old memories, as a child. My parents bought my sister and I each a doll, they were called Kewpiedoll's, and still today, I can remember how they made me smile, and their smell......

Did he get it from Lambchops as in the sock puppet voiced by Shari Lewis that was the star of a kids TV show from the 1990s called 'Lambchops Play Along'??