Why I Call Myself Dress2splash


My first name really is Doug, but I wanted to let my identity be a bit of a mystery, so I coined the name "Dress2Splash".  It fits perfectly my love of fully-dressed wetlook.  I deeply enjoy getting all dressed up to splash and swim in the water.  Hence the name "Doug Dress2Splash".  In fact, I deeply enjoy dressing up, diving into the water, and splashing around SINGING wet-clothes lyrics to familiar happy and playful-sounding melodies.   A couple of songs I have reworked for wetlook singing are "[Splashing In A] Water Wonderland" and wet-clothes lyrics I have made up for "Tip-Toe Thru The Tulips".  The feel of dress clothes in the water is wonderful, and the smiles I have received when doing this in public are a sight to behold.  



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Mar 25, 2009