Why I Deserve a Costume (or a Cape, Or Something)

I was asked by a friend who is in drumline (like marching band, only inside, and just with drums) to bring her some food at our next practice, because she had softball after school and didn't have time to go home between practices.  I went home and made an Egg McMuffin type deal, so she had that in the half hour or so between the practices.  Two days later, she needed dinner again- I forgot this time until I was halfway to the school, so I had to stop at the gas station that is in the middle of my town.  Naturally, there was nothing with any nutritional value, so she ended up with a chocolate muffin and Pringles.  She liked this, but I felt bad, so I began making her PB&J sandwiches from then on.  She now tells me at every practice that I am her hero... hence, PB&JHero.  The end. :)

PBnJHero PBnJHero
1 Response Mar 25, 2009

awww thats cute...i agree with sahira....