"I try to get close to you but it's like you've got 10ft of personal space around you and I can't get pass that."

I guess that's sort of what the female nurse in House M.D. said to male doctor she was going out with.

I felt like I could relate.

It seems like no one could ever really get close to me. A lot of people find me cryptic. When I start talking... it often feels like they are only forced to listen... even my friends.. when I start to really "talk" they say "she's going to have a speech again" and "speech" in our locality is closely related to the word "boring."

I'm partly philosophical and am aware that my english can get confusing. I try to sound simple but sometimes I can't help but wish that there was someone who would comprehend what I say. Not listen to it because they are obligated to because they're my friends... my siblings... or my parents... but because they want to. They want to understand me.

I've never really... found(?) anyone like that. It's frustrating.

10ft 10ft
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I'll listen I love to listen.

(This is from someone who watched "Yes Man!" a few days ago.)<br />
<br />
I think I'll take u up on that offer.