The Meaning of Freebird

Alot of people think that my screen name freebird is after the Lynyrd song Free Bird. I do love that song but that is not the reason. "Although the trials of life try to weigh us down we are all free birds. So keep flying high in the sky and don't let anything bring you down."


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3 Responses Apr 6, 2009

thats a good meaning for your name girl!

it's to bad that we have to that way .

mines prety predictable, ive just done alot of mistakes. but every time i make one i always learn from it and then that mistake makes my fly higher. its thru these small experiances i learn more and more and am constantly changing to myself. like i look at myself a month ago and i think about how weird i was for making that mistake but now that ive done it, ive learned from it, and moved on...<br />
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