Silver Lining

My user name is symbolic of me. I have a lot of hidden sorrows but I'm an optimist after all is said and done. I'm looking for that silver lining after the darkest storms and I know it's there. And sometimes the silver lining will cover the whole cloud and that's all that will meet the eye.

However, I've been uncomfortable dealing with my darker side and also I've been very uncomfortable and ashamed sharing it with others and sometimes even admitting it to myself. I've repressed a lot of things and have been more comfortable presenting the silver lining side to the world. It's been painful holding everything inside. EP looks like a great place where I can be myself and perhaps share these darker sides of me with other understanding people who have been through the same thing. And that was why I created this profile. I will be focusing on my darker more charged issues here, just expressing them at the very least.

After I do that, I can always take something positive from my darker experiences. I hope to become more comfortable with my shadow side here so I can heal what needs to be healed and become happier and really enjoy my silver lining. I love the idea of transforming darkness into light, and I see the silver lining as a goal for myself.

SilverLinedShadows SilverLinedShadows
2 Responses Jun 17, 2009

Thank you. I definitely agree with you in that exploring our dark side helps us heal. I sometimes use this band aide metaphor....that a wound needs fresh air to heal and that it can never fully heal hidden under a band aide. Sometimes it's painful to let things out in open air but when the time is right to do so, it can be what heals us

I too have a dark side that I keep well hidden, for fear that letting it out will give thoes around who may wish me harm ammo. I also have to admit that I enjoy exploring my darker side, it allows me to put balm on some old wounds, allowing them to heal just a little faster. I hope that you find what you are looking for here.