Nothing sentimental or profound about my username. Simply a title of an erotica novel based on the BDSM lifestyle written by Shayla Black. And as an individual interested in the lifestyle and in the process of writing my own erotica novel, it just seemed logical.

And so, Wickedties was born!

wickedties wickedties
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mine came from the fact ,I was a Sgt in the Air Force, besides i wanted something different. (by the way , u very beautiful in the pic.)

epsgt...interesting! and thank you.

u mentioned ( in another note ) u had lived in Spain, i was in Madrid,Spain for a short time, while in the AF. i bought a replica of one of Columbus"s ship's, down town, Madrid. my home base was Rhyan Main Air Base Germany. small world huh !

That is lovely!!! *smiles* I lived in Spain for over a year, so breathetaking there and so many great people....awhhh, you just made me remember a wonderful time in my life. Thank you Darling!!

because I myself is' s' ;)

Lou 2012, interesting but may I ask, why 2012???<br />
<br />
Sarnaf, *smiles*.. a logical username, very nice. You find my interest in the D/s lifestyle interesting, hmmmm....... why??

I will be Lou2012 until Dec-20-2012.. Then I'm be something else.

Well there is no story behind my name..its just the letters from my first name and last name but the interesting thing is your interest in this life style :) tell Sarnaf. Why is it interesting and what is the story behind your name??

This is interesting.........:)

"this stranger offers his heart as food for thee" I like that!<br />
<br />

8foot - larger than life love for all<br />
<br />
dread - total and utter respect for all in wonder like a child peering out into the night sky late at night stunned by the enormity of the universe and its awe-filled beauty and at the spiritual miracle that is mother nature and all her children...all my relations<br />
<br />
8footdread - this stranger offers his heart as food for thee<br />
<br />

Well, yes, your username would imply some pain and suffering, perhaps depression....and your avatar would also imply some serious pain and suffering...damn! that eye looks sore!

My username... um, yeah, it sounds kinda depressing, I guess I never thought about that at the start...<br />
<br />
It was just what I was used to (plus, all the other names were used up), 'hurt' and 'pain'<br />
<br />
Haha, trust me, I'm not always like that... :P

You mean the one in your avatar??? It's pretty......LOL! *smiles*

And i have xc

Knottygentleman, hmmmm, I would say that your username is more than appropiate as well....and yes, I am still learning the ropes....but don't worry, I am a very fast learner! *smiles wickedly*

I love a good pun in a name and this one has been a favorite of mine for a while.<br />
It is not too hard to read into it, yes I can be naughty and knotty, that is a not-so-subtle hint at bondage and BDSM.<br />
Still learning the ropes! ;-)

*smiles* I have made a love connection, love4life4ever + deepstorm63, together forever?<br />
Awwww! *smiles again!*<br />
<br />

I'm the one you're looking for.

Love4life4ever.....<br />
Very fitting avatar indeed!<br />
And yes, I know the longing to find someone, just one person, to whom I can love and be loved by. To have someone who you trust, completely, and with that trust you share incredible experiences, adventures and intimacy (mental and physical). Someone you grow old with, who is your best friend and your ultimate lover. Yes......I long for it , too. We will find it, both of us!

Comebacksoon, lol!!! I am sure you do! *smiles*<br />
<br />
Love4life4ever, I like your username and your avatar! And thank you.

Mine is as it is and i try to

Was actually wishing you had asked mine.

Oh it's no problem! That's also why it's my username, to make people think about the meaning.

Mine is going to end up being long story

Lisakb, wow, I would have never guessed that. Creative! Ahh, the theatre such a wonderful place to get lost in!<br />
<br />
LoserforChrist9028, again I would have gone a whole other way if I had to guess what it meant. You have made me think.....thanks!

My username is based on what Christ has done for me and how I live for Him. Basically.

My user name is a combination of my last name and my passion...Theatre. I am also happy when I am backstage.