It goes back to 2007 .. i had been dancing and ripped my calf muscle and on attending the A&E with my son was put on houserest .. oh i thought i was just gonna die (of boredom) so my son recommended a internet site he was on, had me doing up a profile. When it came to the user-name i was like eh (it was all new to me) so the first thing i could think of involved fairies and he found a tinkerbelle avatar! From then on people started calling me Tink an it stuck! Actually i love her mischeivious attitude an have a little collection going on in my reality from kitchen stuff to clothing some days it seems to be all abt Tink!

I think im gonna dedicate this story to my welcoming friend Terry, he asked the question and didn't get an answer Lol xx

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my dad liked to pronounced his name backwards, I picked that up and that is how my user-name came to be.

Aww that is sweet .. now i notice tink would become knit i'm sure there is a funny line in there somewhere just can't think of one.

Thank-you for commenting L its nice sometimes to re-visit stories of long and some days it is still all about the Tink !!

Lol .. the mischief only comes out when i replace my halo for my wand .. :) hmm quite glad i not from Houston right now .......<br />
<br />
@xxtman .. u've so got it sussed .. xx

Hiya!! So you would think she matched you and you have a mischievious side? Where does the comment above come from?? Confuseddotcom!!!

i'm from Houstom Texas

smiles I was thinking tinker,,but could not for the life of me figure how it got shortened,but it is such an English thing ,i had forgotten we do it all the time there.I have been away too long lmao. Ta tink