It Should Be Obvious, But I'll Explain It.



I came to experience project not long ago, needing a place to vent my frustrations with a relationship I was/am in (not sure at this very moment)

It's weird, I know but I am a married man in a sexless marriage in a monogamous relationship with someone else's wife.  The "other husband" is aware of his wife's and my relationship, which makes it even weirder.  To see more of the story, do searches for "I didn't want to leave you this morning" or "Beautiful Brown Eyes"  I posted both anonymously, but then realized I could claim my work under my username, because it too was anonymous.  To make a long story short, I've been in this relationship, which we all agreed was to be purely physical, for about 18 months.  About two weeks ago, I realized I was falling in love with this woman, and I needed a place to vent.  To confess my love directly to her seemed like a mistake (and it was, which is why I don't know if I was or still am in a relationship with her)

InLoveWithSomeonesOther InLoveWithSomeonesOther
31-35, M
Feb 23, 2010