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My user name is random amalgamation of the following...

Psi, the greek letter, is also the symbol of Psychology. I've wanted to study the field and work in it since I was a 7th grader. Now it's just a foundation for a bigger set of plans but it will always be my first love.

Afra is my middle name. I chose it myself for confirmation in the Catholic church. I didn't want to be confirmed but did it for my father. I therefore chose the silliest saint's name I could find that still fit with my own name. I was not born with a middle name. And T is the first letter of my last name.

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5 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Yep. For life, if you consider 40 years to be life. Damn laws.

I'm so terribly sorry to hear that. You are so strong to have been there for her, and there for her after her death, and more importantly to continue living. You should tell her story some how. It could be a message much needed by many. Is he in prison? I hope..

My sister and niece were murdered by her husband. My sister is a Silent Witness (google it). A Silent Witness is one who experienced domestic violence and took their story to the grave. I was my sister's confidant. My family knew but I was the only one who knew most of what was happening. It was all heresay in court so I never got to tell my sister's story, therefore, I also felt like a silent witness.

:) Wonderful!

How coincidental. I use a very similar thrown-together word for a screen name everywhere but here.