My Username Is: Chakra Solipsism M G P

My User-name Is: Chakra Solipsism M G P.  So what does it mean?

Looking for my meaning in Life, is finding the Energy Points that Taoism and Tantrism is found as being a Single Being.

And that is:  Chakra

To find the Energy Points in me and how I will be able to find Complacency and Contentment that in this World of Reality and Not In Myths that Religions would have me get into. Through Yoga, Meditation, Being Pensive and Contemplative, there is focus on the inner physical body and how to find the good feelings of those Energy Forces can nurture good health.

Solipsism = Is a Big Word. It is a Philosophy Word. It is Very Ambiguous. I'm not even sure I could define it totally well here. But basically it means = Since I only know everything in my own Brain and Consciencness, Empathy of Others is never really understood without Association and Communication with anyone else.  We will not understand others without some kind of interaction with them.  And So if I must live a Celibate Life, that doesn't help me know or care about another Living Soul without some kind of Interaction with getting to know them better. It also means the more we bond, the closer to others and understanding of them becomes better. If someone we don't know dies in another part of the world. We can't know or feel bad about it. But the more you have someone close, then it hurts more. Solipsism is how we ourselves can only know of something. We are not really in anybody Else's shoes to understanding them, without interaction with anyone.

M G P =  Are the Initials of my First, Middle and Last Name.  I will tell you my First Name = Is = MichaelG P = I will not give out any more of my real name, except when I have a better Friendship and Correspondence with someone I can Trust.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Mar 8, 2010