Why The Goodman

I guess when I came to EP I was dealing with a few things.  One hunge one was the notion that I was a good man, however I couldn't hold together my relationship with my girlfriend.  How can she call me a good man and tell me good bye?  How can my friends call me a good man but acknowledge that "people see you as a friend.  Not dating material"  So, it was more of an internal scream.  "I am a Good Man!"  In time I have realized that I am a good man irregardless of the crap swirling around me and by staying the same I honor who I really am

GoodMan67 GoodMan67
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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

thats's a great story! i love it when people acknowledge themselves as good and worthy in spite of what others say about them. that's the true nature of confidence....i'm inspired. bf.