New And Interesting Places

I don't know if these places are unique to me, but I certainly enjoyed them! Here's a few of them that I can remember:

*In the middle of a deserted highway in the middle of the night.
*On top of a picnic table at a wayside picnic area.
*On top of a picnic table at an interstate rest area.
*In a railway station restroom during a bomb threat.
*In many airplane restrooms.
*In many train restrooms.
*In various restrooms while reading graffiti.
*In almost every motel room I've stayed in.
*In a church restroom with a friend.
*In the attic of a deserted building with a friend.
*In a hot tub (not as easy as you'd think!)
*While hiking in the woods numerous times.
*On a friend's bed while he was ******* someone else in another room.
*At a friend's computer while checking Email & he was in the next room.

I've jacked off in a lot of different places. If I was horny (most of the time), I would always be on the lookout for potential jack off places. When I think of more, I'll add them!

Dekay11 Dekay11
56-60, M
Sep 8, 2012