Impulsively Uttered

I don't wana recall those words, my friends had once stupidly & impulsively uttered for me. At that moment , I was astound that am hearing all this from my very good friend.I don't know it was in my favour or not.But, it hurt me & crushed me for a moment.Actually, jus a year ago, I took a pledge myself , that I will shed off my lil weight( even though my weight was according to my height) ..........but jus wanted to get my body into more shape & perfect.So, I started doing my work out.... and also gave up taking oily food, choclates .etc..etc. concentrated more on my diet. Than, one evening , me & my friend planned to dine out.... we were enjoying meal & gossips , but suddenly out of blue, my friend blurted out that , I m looking old & my skin is looking dull & also getting wrinkles .And above all, she said; I am looking older & seems like I am suffering from ill health & should better check my health.........jus hearing all that, I felt sick to worry. Even though, she knew it , I was paying attention on my fitness attentively, still she said all that insanely.
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My ex-boss once yelled at me that I knew nothing. He said that though he knew that I was new at the job and had not received proper training.

- A friend of mine, who is always making me talk(I'm a quite person by nature) told how unpleasant my voice is.<br />
- My ex-boss told me I give off negative energy.

My brother in law's best friend's girlfriend told me my husband's family hated me.Sad thing is she was right.~thinking of leaving my husband to make his life better w/o me

i was told be a near stranger that i was an abomination and should die in a hole because the world would be a better place without me

I had a alcoholic, bi-polar mother as sort of a preamble to this story, but as a child of eight I dared called and interrupt my mother at her Wednesday afternoon bridge club to ask if I could go to my friend Keith's apartment, which was just out of range of our snooty Upper East Side neighborhood in Manhattan. She had our driver, but we had a liver car service on call 24/7. As I asked in my trembling voice, she said in a firm, but controlled voice "We'll discuss this matter when I get home, her words slurring from god knows how many martinis. Once I heard the butler say, "Good Even Mrs. Elliott," and she fire back in retort, "Where is Lawrence," I knew blood was going to be shed. I'll get him Madam, said Mrs. Isabella, one of the downstairs maids. I had already begun my "Dead Man Walking" routine as I met Senora Isabella and nodded to her, "comprendo, comprendo."<br />
<br />
I faced mother in the guest room waiting parlour. Her face was beet red, she was trembling and in a frenzy, "How dare you be so insolent to interrupt me at my bridge club over such a trifle matter. If you had any balls you'd just have gone and take the consequences, you're so much like your lame father. "But mother..." "shut up. I don't want to hear your dribble, just know you're a selfish son of a ***** and I wish you would only die and go to hell with the rest of the ******' men in this word. now get out of my sight." I'm in many, many ways I way happy she died of cancer when I was 13, May she RIT.<br />
<br />
- Lawrence Elliott, MD<br />
Board Certified Surgeon & Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist