Parental Love Has Conditions

my mother said to me on my 16th Birthday,in front of all our friends,just because you're my daughter I have to love you doesnt meanI like you.
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I hadn't done any wrong! <br />
I was pregnant with my first child,working long hours in her shop,living under her roof and paying the whole rent because she didn't and supporting my lil brother and sister.<br />
She can just be downright evil to us.....But I love her all the same,the years have mellowed her and she'd never dare admit any misgivings towards us children.<br />
We were wild,lawless growing up! Our imaginations were fed ufo chasings/abductions,spirits and all sorts of bizarre stuff.....

My mum said alot over the years so your not alone there. espeacially after big arguements and then the few weeks after my mum telling me and my brothers to get over it. I think it mother thing, all mothers seem to to have tendency to yell at their children when they done something wrong.

That's horrible! <br />
But you're not alone. My mom told me this as well; "Absolutely no love is unconditional. No one in the entire world will love you for nothing, not even I."<br />
<br />
Here's a tip: Just because your mom said it doesn't make it true. And on your damn birthday! How was growing up for you?