"i Wish You Weren't On The Pill"

We were having sex in my dorm room, had been seeing each other for about a month. RIGHT after he climaxed inside of me, he sighed and said "I wish you weren't on the pill. I want to make a baby with you."
........... dealbreaker.
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6 Responses Jul 18, 2010

What he was saying is "You are worthy of my seed." Whatever criteria this guy had for beauty and personality you satisfied it. It was a compliment.

Are you trying to tell me you are the only heterosexual woman in the world that hasn't fantasized about being overwhelmed with passion by a wonderful man and giving in to an insatiable desire to have him impregnate you?

wow, that's super scary. Mommy and Daddy going to pay for this baby of his for the next 4 years. Some people can't just except that sex is fun to do. Or maybe he was just saying what he thought you wanted to hear.

REALLY! wow, that's something, im really surprised, LOL :)

Run, as fast as you can

Definite dealbreaker. That's just enough to know this guy is a mess, who'll make a mess of you. No right-thinking person would want to make a baby with you that soon in a relationship, and that spontaneously. Making babies is serious business! You deserve a guy who appreciates you using measures to prevent unplanned pregnancies, and would put it off until a real relationship is established.

wow. how awkward.