Just Drag Me Down A Little Lower...

The guy I was dating didn't say it to me directly but I read it where he posted it. He said I was hot but had no personality.
This was so heart wrenching.
Out. Of everyone I had ever met he was the only one I ever thought I could be myself with. So to find out he thought I had no personality...
And I thought he was the nicest, sweetest guy...to find out he had been quietly judging me behind my back like that...needless to say I was disappointed.
I am extremely shy and lack self confidence. To find out this was said only set me back in my search and acceptance of self-love.
It hurts so much coming from someone I loved and trusted above all others.
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5 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Its okay. People have told me I have no personality before, too. I don't believe it for a second. You know that you do, so don't let what one person thinks affect you.

God loves you and "He don't make no junk"

sorry but at least you will know it is not easy to find love. be strong.

Siza is right, i'm sorry. what a jerk, i'm so sorry you had to find out that way, but perhaps it was a sign that you need to move on from him and find someone worthy of your sweetness. i'm sure you're a great person, i wish men would appreciate what they have a bit more, there would be far less misandry in the world if they did.

People arnt always who they want u to thnk they are. Forget about him he,s fake worie bout them outher faker,s stl to ***