Seems Like The World Has Treated Me Well

Seeing another stories in this group... geez, it isn't even funny what people can sometimes say.

For me, there has been only a few mean statements. When I still lived in my childhood home some years ago I was going out of a local grocery store, and a handle of my plastic back broke and all the food was scattered to the road. I heard a youngster my age say to his frineds that "no wonder the glasses ***** is so fat." And then they all laughed.

Another time was in school, when one girl had been a bit more quieter than usual. A friend of mine was curious what was wrong with her, and wasn't satisfyed when she didn't anwer when asked. I suggested that maybe it's better leave her alone, if she doesn't want to talk. My friend just looked at me and said "unlike you, I care about my friends." That stung a bit..
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*gasp* What a jerk! lol

somebody called me 'angelic' once....never have I been so insulted

It's nasty when parents say stuff like that.... I feel your pain, even though I gave been never been called a disappoitment, just received a friendly critique of my personality. :P<br />
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"You do know you are kind of selfish, don't you?" And I'm like "If you say so... I guess..."<br />
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It's rough being a kid.