Silence Isn't So Golden.

My boyfriends ex was really jealous of me because he left her for me because she didn't treat him right. I thought he loved me for me. His ex- lets call her Cassy- was so jealous that she spread really vicious rumors about me. The whole school heard them and I was eventually kicked off the cheer squad. My boyfriend-knowing that the rumors were false-left me for her so he could "keep up his image". During class one day, I went to use the bathroom. On my way to the bathroom I saw him and we both looked eachother square in the eyes and when l looked into his eyes l could tell that he was sorry, just by the look on his face. The reason why this is the worst thing someone has ever "said" to me is because he didn't say anything and he couldn't even tell me he was sorry.
kayhar kayhar
18-21, F
Jul 24, 2010