...get Over It....

my answer to the question' What the worst thing anyone ever said to you."

     I was going through a divorce and seeing a counselor for for yrs of childhood ******. My father had abused me from the time i was 3yrs old till I married at 15yrs to escape the abuse... My mother said "get over it I did' yeah mom but it didn't happen to you.

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That statement your mom made was insensitive toward you, but I wonder if it was more that that? I wonder if she was crying for help, having been badly hurt herself, and couldn't even feel your pain through her tears? If your dad could abuse you so much, what more was he doing to your mom that she's so hurt and yet protective of your dad, that she couldn't speak of it to you?<br />
<br />
Each experience we have, shapes us - some for the better, some for the worst - I hope you have come through this for the better and can look back and turn the bad into the good in your life. It is so sad that anyone would have to endure this kind of experience. Best wishes - hugs

I'm sorry you had to go through this and that your mother was so insensitive.

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