I Got One...

when I was about...i think 12..my alcoholic mother told me I was the reason she became an alcoholic...this was really hard for me because.. I was bron w/ a birth defect..somethin else ive bene reminded of all my lfie...i know...on a basic level...how deeply it affected my family..but that statement just took it to a whole other level...I think it was the "Blame Game"
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I was told by some co-workers where I worked one time, that it was a shame my parents didn't abort me. Decent human beings they were. I didn't measure up to their "Standards". You know, the drugs, sex, and alcohol thing. It has been many years since then and while I haven't been a spectacular success I none the less carry on. I have wondered about those pathetic people and have come to the realization their bitterness, resentment, and just pure hatred of me is their own issue and that because they fail in their own shortcomings they have nothing to look up to or look forward too. Like a Tornado in the rain, the rain acts like a shroud of misery and soon they will disapate, leaving nothing but bad feelings around and soon everyone will forget them, for they have no friends.

my father told me he was going to kill me as he ran to get his shotgun i think i was 13 good thing i could run real fast i spent 3 days in the woods terrified butevery one gets what they deserve in the end