No One Has Ever Said Anything Very Bad To Me.

I want to know why I am 25 and never had a kiss from a girl. No one has said anything bad to me. I have had people getting angry at me. Such as my father, and my sister. But I deal with more loneliness. Just being alone, going to school alone, being at home at night alone. That is why I have a huge fear regarding Satan. I just can't find my cell phone cord to use for my charger. But I have more spiritual demons. I deal with getting sleepy everyday. I just get up, and I go to college in the morning all by myself. I am the only african-american person in my class. Today it was all rainy, and lightning. I start coughing everyday, and it is warm outside. My father has been off from work since June 1st. Now I am taking 2 classes trying to study.
chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Aug 4, 2010