The Worst Thing Said To Me

My ex husband who was physically and emotionally abusive to me said " Do the world a favor and go kill yourself"!!!!!!   thank god I divorced him.  
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I'm glad you didn't. In the 8 years I lived in Nevada you were the most amazing woman I'd ever met. You are a wonderful and special person and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise.

@LoveEludesMe: I have the same problem like urs but i am still in it and i am scared to get out of it because the same exact thing. Man, women have advantages in this world. They only win over polite guys and u see them crying form being abused by the bad guys but once they get hold of a polite guy they do to him what they complain about that happens to them by bad guys. I dont know what is right or wrong no more but i am in my way to set myself free as u did. But i will try to do it smart to avoid the court thing. <br />
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Man, freedom has a price and we all have to pay it and let them win by crying in courts and steeling half of our money and kids. Now men are not stupid no more and i ve seen a lot , almost every man i know just wanna have a relation where his girl cannot by the big D of the law take his stuff. now they try to protect themselves from the theft that is done by tears. I guess women are losing ground in here. Most men now go abroad to have the fun they miss home. oh my God, it is too expensive,lol.<br />
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Keep the good work bro, and u r not alone.

Hi, I have the same story like yours but the difference is i am a man and my woman is not physically abusive to me. The thing is she doesn't give me the feeling that i am a man. for many years she supported me and she liked it. When i tried to stand up on my own feet , she got worried. She only felt safe if i needed her. Yes she was in bad marriage and i am the one who pays the price. She is thinking by holding me and controlling me she can feel safe not to lose me but she is losing me by her own hands. I loved her so much and i decided to leave her. Look at my nick name and u will know where i am coming from . Now i have a full time job and i got computer certified. I will leave her and every thing around her. but in good time because she still has control over me. a control that i cannot say out loud. But i promise i will leave her. Yes the world is about masters and slaves. no more emotions and love. The thing that i am worried about is i am afraid to love again. I feel i will die alone. I loved her so much and she just put me down and destroyed me. I became a man who telling every man to be a gentleman but never fall in love , u will get hurt. I came to this site and i found wonderful human beings feeling the same like me. All we can do is to make each other stronger. I am so happy for you and i hate money that forces us to accept $hitty partners and $hitty jobs to escape them.

I only stayed because I had no where else to go. When a woman depends on a man financially and has no friends because of him being controlling is completely stuck. My family wasn't able to help. I also went for help through human services but they could not help me until I left him, how do you leave when you have no where to go? no one would help me. I had no job at the time and no means of support. Everyday bit by bit my spirit and heart was crushed, I died a little more everyday until I became a shell of a human being. I was finally able to leave when my kids got older and I was able to find a job (which was a very low wage job) and couldn't really support myself and ended up losing my apartment. People have put me down all of my life. I guess I should be used to it by now.

Just fyi, I was "liking" the comment about when a woman is at the mercy and dependent on a man.. the truth of it is sad, real, and every day it's a problem... Been there, done that... shredded the t-shirt, spit on it, then set it on fire and went to college. Only to become disabled, and lucky in that the man who supports me now is NOTHING like the men I used to end up with, but I am still dependent. I hate that part.