What Do You Want?

I am a very affectionate person in my relationships.  I was married for twelve years and became accustomed to greeting my spouse with a hug and a kiss when I came home or when he came home.   During the last several years of the marriage everytime I approached my spouse I would feel him stiffen up with rejection and withdraw and then hear the words........What do you want?

No words have broken my heart more then to hear those words from someone that I loved and yet I still continued to greet him in that same way even though I knew as soon as I put my arms around him and kissed his temple I would hear so dreaded words, WHAT DO YOU WANT?
snowberry75 snowberry75
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5 Responses Jul 7, 2011

Yes, that is not nice. Just tell him, I just wanna kiss you! That simple!

Thank you, I always thought so :-)

LOL apparently so......ah well thats all water under the bridge now. :)

Thanks Bob, thats very kind of you and sweet my friend.