A Child Should Never Hear This.

One time when I was younger my father and I were pretty close and one time he got extremely mad at me so he said "You're Worthless." it killed me inside, I'll never forget it.
lovemetoomuch lovemetoomuch 13-15, F 4 Responses Apr 7, 2012

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When i was 17 my father told me that he regretted me...that he wished i hadnt been born and that i was a mistake...<br />
That shattered me

i can understand the pain, my mother call me a psycho a mad person, a million times, and it kills times i think am i really mad..?? she gets angry and say that i am mad and i get fitz... she says that if she could she would kill me..i feel horrible.., i dont have a father to love me..and now maybe not even a mother...i am always cutting myself...

The first cut is the deepest. .but this is how we grow. I ve already forgotten when it was that he said to me like that way. More then million times. Good memories though.

:) I have heard this before. It was kinda tough. Scrap of skin I believe followed the phrase. Saved thebtext to remind myself.that sometimes, just sometimes, the words written can be taken at face value with zero misinterpreted intent.