The Worst Thing Ever Said To Me....

I spend a lot of time avoiding family...and with good reason! Everyone faults the other person for something gone wrong in their life. So rather than raise my son in such misery I stay far away from them.One of my aunts is a gold-digger,another one thinks the world owes her everything.My mother is an angry alcoholic. My father avoids me at all costs,but calls my brother on a regular basis. I've always known I was never a favorite in my family,though I've never understood why.I always brought home good grades,I never did drugs,I've never been aressted.I did everything I could do to make my family happy. Unfortunately...nothing worked!One day as I was preparing my little boy's snack for school,my mother was in the dining room drinking her coffee and reading her news paper when out of the blue she says..."You were never meant to happen,I never wanted you". I moved out that very same day and have never spoken to her since. It's just me and my son from now on. I've never commited such an act of cruelty to anyone for any reason.My son has known nothing but love.I'm also teaching him about kindness and compassion towards others.
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Wow, that was definitely a stab in the heart. Try to keep in mind that only a miserable person would say such a thing, especially to their own flesh and blood. I've always heard Hurting people, hurt other people. Bottom line, it doesn't matter that she wanted you here or not, God wanted you here, and your precious son adores you I'm sure. It's hard not to take the cruelty of others to heart, but try. Keep in mind they are disturbed to be so hurtful.