You Never Tell This To A Girl

I was a Teenager in love with an older man and he knew it.  We would make out n hold each other in our arms.   He would caress my *** n ****, then he
would say "I love you like a sister"    BAMM!   You never say that to a girl in love with you.
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lol - maybe he wanted to have sex with his sister..

Unless you are from Mississippi, then it's considered a pickup line. :)

I would like to meet someone outside the family. LOL

WOW! A double whammy! Being told by someone you're hot for that they love you like a "sister" or "brother" is bad enough--but saying it AFTER he had been fondling your arse and breasts? What kind of relationship does he have with his sister????

It amazes me that some people can be SO dense! What was he thinking? I guess more likely he WASN'T thinking, at all!

He clearly lost the plot and jeopardized the perfect opportunity with a beautiful woman. Sacre bleu. His loss your gain ocngirl.<br />
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Fascinating story. Thank you for sharing it.<br />
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What a dumbass... Master1A

I would tell you, "I love you like a passionate wife and lover." Because you are.