I'm Young But...

...I get called lots of things. Like emo *****, ****, *****, fatty, depressed lunatic etc. 

It hurts but I can't do anything about it.

I wish I could, but they just continue to diss me and yell mean and hurtful things at me. I've talked with my mother about this and she says that it has to stop. She even promised that she's going to talk with the parents of the kids that bully me, but than never happened, mainly because she way to busy with work!

-sigh- We're getting pretty distant and I'm starting to worry...

Um, back to topic, the worst thing that anyone had said to me was "How can I love a fatty like you!?"

My ex crush spat that in my face in the most mean and hurtful way. I acted strong and didn't let it show like it affected me, but it did. In a very bad way.

The second meanest thing that anyone said to me is"Yes you are fat! So shut your mouth you little *****!"

A 'friend' of mine said this to me when we were at our school checkup. Before she said that, I was talking with one of my bff's about how I've put up weight and that I'm not going to eat at lunch. My other 'friend' overheard us talking and she yelled at me. After that I cried my eyes out in the hospital where we were send for a checkup.

And the third meanest thing that anyone has ever said to me was by a girl named Anna. This happened at checkup day as well, right after my crying fest ended. One of the guys that bullies me passed by the hall my class was at and he saw me. "Hey Emo, you better hide your wrists from the doctors, hahahahaha!"

He yelled and ran away. I started crying again and everyone came to comfort me, except for Anna and her friend Victoria, the girl that called me fat.

"Why on earth would you cut yourself? I can't believe that you think that life is so bad! Little emo..."

She murmured the last part but I still herd it, and I started crying even more.

My parents tell me that they're just jealous of me and that's why they bully me but I have a hard time believing them.
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