So Many

If I had to pick the worst thing ever said to me , there is so much to choose from . yet I would have to say "

" I should have had an abortion because you have ruined my life since day one" Of course that was when I was 4 till ummm today.

" You are the ugliest girl I have ever been with"

And last was just a few days ago and to raw to metion/

I guess I'm becoming some what desensitized now or trying REALLY hard to be.
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

Im sorry :(, be strong and I hope you know that your not does things. Your a blessing and from what i know you, your a nice girl. Know that your strong and you can over come anything. You know we're here for you on E.P. :)

I am so sorry those comments have been said to you, especially the one that was obviously made by your mother, that has to be one of the most horrible things I've ever heard, it's just uncalled for. And a person should never have to desenstize themselves from such uncalled for comments, I mean if they hurt they hurt. Instead become strong enough to let the person making the uncalled for remarks know what they said is truly hurtful and if they have any conscience at all will apologize.