This Pissed Me Off

I was 17 and working for a call center, we were contracted with a major credit card company, i won't say which one but they always ask you whats in your wallet. 
It was around Christmas time and calls were super slow this particular day, Literally one call on the entire floor at any given time, and with over 100 people working you were likely to only get 1 call your entire shift which everyone was happy about. So we are all in a good mood.
Now this is after the patriot act is signed which if you don't know has some stipulations about money laundering in it.
I get my call for the shift and by the sound of her voice she was an older black woman. She was a bit upset but when i saw her account i could see why, she had accidentally over paid her account by $30,000.00 so we did owe that money back to her, but this is actually a way to launder money and because of that the credit card company couldn't release the funds back to her for 30 days.
She had bee nice enough at first but when i explained that to her she got mean real fast. she starts yelling and im asking her to keep her voice down etc. My voice starts to rise (remember i was 17 and incapable of temper control like a mature adult) Anyway people start gathering around cause they can tell the call is heated my boss puts it on speaker phone. I'm still explaining to the woman that we can't return the money for 30 days. She starts insulting me directly.
It's our company policy that when they do that we warn them if they continue to attack us personally we will disconnect the call. She screaming and i'm fighting my baser instinct to scream back and I'm in control of myself again but i have 100 people behind me listening to my call cheering me on. She insults me a second time and i warn her that is she does it again i will disconnect the call she immediately says (and this is the part that stuck with me and i'll remember it forever) "you ain't got the balls you little cracker *** ******-wood mother ******" 
what i did wasn't exactly in company policy, i was just supposed to hang up on her but her insult pissed me off beyond imagining so i scream into the phone "go **** yourself and you're never getting the money back" before i hung up. It should have been grounds for terminating me but i didn't even get in trouble all my co-workers and bosses were applauding me for doing something they had all wanted to do themselves.
But the moral of this story is this, don't have any credit cards, they are evil corporations, i was hired to work for this major credit card company at 16 i was there till i was 18 but the fact is the people that you're calling in customer service could be a kid in high school that isn't even old enough to have a credit card of their own. (now me personally i'm a genius and was better at the job that some of the 40 50 and even 60 yr olds that worked there, but that's not usually the case)
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May 20, 2012