"you Are An Expert In Death"....(in Response To A 3rd Family Member Dying)

This was said to me by someone I considered a close friend.  he lost an old navy buddy he hadnt seen in years and was really broken up by it.  We were having a conversation and I was trying my best to console him and be comforting when he said it was easier for me to deal with someone dying because I was an "expert in death" because my brother, father and sister have all died.  He might as well have stabbed me through the heart and I have never forgotten it and how horrible that comment made me feel.
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

Trust me! You can never be an expert in death! Except, when it is your own!

I can understand how that hurt your feelings, I honestly don't think your friend was thinking when he said this to you. I know I've said things I instantly regretted the minute they were out of my mouth. Sometimes we gotta give folks a pass, especially when they are emotionally distraught, though the result still hurt you. I'm sorry you've experienced so much grief and loss with your loved ones, but you really are qualified to help others cope, so at least something good comes out of it.