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I am a single parent working outside my country away from my kids. I am planning to leave my work this coming march to be with my kids coz I really miss them and I feel my life is incomplete without them but my co worker told me that my kids don't need me anymore but instead they need my support financially coz they are going to college nxtyr.... I didn't expect her to say that words in my face but I didn't say anything coz I don't want to be rude to her evnthough my tears want to fall right from that very moment... I know shes right on her point but im not turning my back on my responsibilities its just that I want to be with them to get strength and I will leave too for work on another country but definitely not on theirs....
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A child needs a mother more than money.

i know that i still think of my mother even though shes dead. having been in your shoes myself i know that your kids love n want you in their lives. think on this though, would your friend have done what you have done for you kids or would she run n hide like so many others? do what you feel is right not what another may think cause they maybe the only one who thinks it.

Yeah maybe not coz her kids won't experience what my kids had bec they are not broken family and had a beautiful life here in Taiwan and their so lucky maybe she's just giving me a suggestion but she did not thought of what I may feel...tnx rhadhd for ur words atleast I know someone understands me

just cause her family isnt broken doesnt mean that her kids like or love her. ive seen families that should have split up but they didnt n made all the family members miserable. even though you may not be with your kids doesnt mean that they dont love you or that they think you dont love them. if anything you doing what you have for them has shown them that you still care n love them. youre more than welcome msbrix =)

U made me smile... Tnx again rhadhd

anytime ;)

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Aftr she had told that words to me I went to deep thinking only to come up with my decision that i Will pursue my plans evnthough they dont need but i need them....and now I hav so many plans on my mind but definitely not going back here in taiwan.... tnx max for ur words btw she is living here in Taiwan with her family so im no confuse y she told me those words ...