Crazy Adopted Mother

I was adopted, and my crazy adopted mother, when she found out that I was being abused, by her son and husband, she decided to threw me out of the home. In her exact words, this is what she said, "You *****, you will take man after man, and end up with sickness", my response to her, "remember that you have children, and if you did love me in the first place you should have protected me."
she is a happy woman, she now lives in the U.S.A, Iwish I was happy like her. She does not wake up with bad dreams at night.
I am a wondering soul, who does not know when my torment will over.
anyka anyka
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 9, 2012

This is another reason why I'm against adoption. Good luck to you

Adoption is a good thing, people make it bad when they abuse the kids.
There are alot of people with good adopted, parents.