"Your abuse wasn't that bad"
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You are far more stronger than they will ever be. It was not nice but you are brave just coming on here.

That is horrible. Not only do they have no right to pretend they know what you went through, but they are so lucky yet here they are insulting you. Some people should have their luck taken away for a day, just to make them realize how lucky they really are.

That is nasty do they not know what the word abuse means?
My worst from my motherits your fault your dad is dead. He committed suicide due to terminal illness. I was 3 yrs old.
Her other favourite.
I should have aborted you.

Horrible. I have a bit of a bad mother too (not as bad from yours, so far as i know), but jeez this is a new level... and a low and dirty one too.

I do not waste my time thinking about her. I have no clue if alive or dead if honest I do not care.
Yes all mums are not great sometimes, my son is 18 I have made mistakes but he knows I love him.

Yeah... But there are some extremely bad levels. It's pointless wasting time wondering, I agree, even though I don't have to wonder. Every mom makes mistakes some, more than others, and very few, too many.

Very true thanks.

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