My Grandmother Tells Me This.....

okayys my mom died when i was 9 years old...and i have 3 bros....well my mom had a lot of metal depression and bipolar and stuff like that and it was 6 months after i had lost my mom.... my granny said " you not killin me like yall killed your mom...yall drove her crazy, thats why she died...and yall arent guna do that to me.".......and im now 15 and i hear that often, no body should ever say that to anybody....and i exspecially hate it when she says well it was my daughter too and its been 6 years get over sorry but im still not over it...and i cant help it....

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aww thanks guys... (( hugs all))....i dont think its my fault but its hard not too when its said to you all the time and yea she does have her own issuse she just ownt admit it.....<br />
and tinkerbell.... i am still in school but i've been in cousling for 9 years...even b4 my mom died....and i dont tell them nothing.....all they do is pretend to be my friend and then tell on me....i had it happen to me way too many times so i just ussually keep things to my self till i get on here.....

I am sorry you have no support from your family. I lost my father when I was 18 and my mother when I was 22, my sisters said I murdered my mother never understood that we where not even in the same state when she passed. They have never talked to me again guess that is the worst thing anyone has ever said to me.<br />
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You never get over the loss of a parent, specially not your mom. I miss her every day and wish I could have one more conversation with her, I am pretty sure your grandmother is not over the loss of her daughter, that does not give her the right to make you feel so bad.<br />
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You can always talk to me if you need someone to listen *S* A good friend from school, even a counselor you trust or a teacher. Time heals all wounds, but you never get over your mom passing, in time you remember the good and her with a smile.<br />
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Take Good Care of you! *hugs*

I am sorry you are not able to get support from your family right now. If you are still in school there are counselors you can talk to or they can set you up with someone else. Six years is a very short time ago and I am sorry but you don't "Get over it" You learn to deal with it in a way that your grief dosn't interfere with your every day activity. I would really check in with the school fo help. Good luck honey.:)