You're Weak

My ex-boyfriend said that to me while we were still together. At the time, we were fighting a lot. We were in a long distance relationship (he lived 8 hours away). He started spending a lot of his time with this other girl, and whenever we got into an argument, he would always compare me to her. He'd tell me that she was smarter than me, and tougher than me, prettier than me, dressed better than me, and would probably win if she and I got into a fight. He told me I was weak, and crazy.

It really took a toll on my self-image. I began doubting myself a lot, and everntually grew to hate everything about myself.

I know, most people would say it's silly of me to listen to someone say such stupid things, but he was my boyfriend. I loved him, and really took to heart everything he told me when we were together.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

Hi, I know how you feel. I am going through the same thing. The only difference between us is I am married to that guy and dont know whats going to happen. I am very unhappy. I love him very much. But he doent appreciate me. I am very attractive but I think he is just bored of me and he finds girls who are not even close to me attractive. I know what you must have gone through. I am sorry for both of us. I am losing my self confidence. I have started doubting myself. But I will fight back. I dont want to be like this. We need to come back and love ourselves.