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My Mom Said This Once, But That Was All It Took

"I never loved you, I don't really care about what happens to you. I never wanted you in the first place, you were such a huge mistake. If I could live my life again I would never have had you. You are worthless and no one will ever love you because you're s**t and no one loves f***ing s**t. No one would care if you died. No one will ever care."

I was 10 years old, she left 3 years later and I never saw her again. I can't remember much about her, but these are her exact words, burned into my brain. When I turned 16 I used them as motivation to run away from my father who sexually abused me. Now, when I think of them, I know my mother didn't love me, but I AM something and people DO loved me and would care if I died, I am NOT a worthless piece of s**t.

Ringwraith Ringwraith 22-25, F 2 Responses Apr 2, 2010

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Good for you I'm sorry your parents were jerks...You know you deserve better than that crap.

Parents can love us and hurt us the worst. You were strong enough to prove your mother wrong. I am a single mother and wouldnever have said that to my son. My mother once tld me that I ruined everything I touched and my father used to tell me as a young girl if I ha a brain in my head I'd be dangerous. Our parnts are supposed to love us but at times it can be very cruel. If only people would ralize how much words can destroy someone maybe they'd shut up Your a very good and strong person......................