♥ Well i re-added EP  and it started off alittle slow as expected, but then i started writing stories and adding experiences after that my profile exploded! oh so many friend requests and comments,  witch was a lil weird because i don't normally talk to people first but it was nice, i was always getting messages and it was all so awesome and that pretty much went for any other sites i was on, but lately i feel like everyone has ran away or something.. i had so many friends i think i got to used to it or something cuz now no one really talks to me anymore witch is weird since I'm online 24/7 since i go to school online but now its so lonely were is everyone ? :[ ♥

xemoxkittyx3 xemoxkittyx3
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I'm here too. I'll send u a present x

why ty babe :]♥♥♥