Stay In School!

when i was in 7th grade i quit school. my reasons were things such as - hey, no one cares, why should i? Plus i was sure i would be dead by the age of 20 so i just let go. no one pushed me in fact i was helped in getting legally out of school. at 16 i did go and ask if i could test out of highschool, and i did. However, testing out means i did not get to learn the most basic things in school such as history, science, etc. Thus i self taught.

if i could tell my younger self anything it would be to stay in school, no matter how depressed or bad things were at home and/or in my neighborhood. quitting school does not make life easier. i promise. all it did was make things harder on me as an adult and i missed out on a lot of positive social experiences.
TheUsedMisfit TheUsedMisfit
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1 Response Jul 12, 2010

I relate. I left school and promptly fell pregnant. Thought I premonitioned my own death at the age of 35. Pfft.