Oh If I Could Get To My Old Self....

I would say
  1. 1- avoid people (especially guys) who try to compromise you
  2. 2-sometimes it's better to listen when people try to warn you.
  3. 3-Don't let anybody condescend you
  4. 4-write everything in your diary, do not tell friends your secrets until they open up to you first.
  5. 5-take a chance, don't let challenges scare you
  6. 6-avoid guys who disrespect your parents
  7. 7-your virginity is there for a reason, hold on to it a little longer
  8. 8-Don't trust a guy who claims to be a "virgin" he is usually LYING.
  9. 9-trust in yourself, ALWAYS
  10. 10-pay more attention to your dreams-Stand up for yourself, but do it with class and confidence
  11. 11-Don't dye your hair, your hair was always beautiful. You just needed a different style.
  12. 12-Stay away from the ones who often talk trash about others, they will talk about you too.
  13. 13-Always do your best in school.
  14. 14-Don't take everything to heart.
  15. 15-when your parents hate your boyfriend, it's often for a very good reason.
  16. 16-Avoid needy, negative, desperate, pushy, overbearing people...they will only drain and bring you down.
  17. 17-Choose your friends wisely

angelofthenight angelofthenight
22-25, F
Jul 27, 2010