Dont Leave My Ex

Now that i am married and have someones elses world all tied up in knots, i am still facing the fact that i am still maddly in love with my ex and him with me. we never should have broken up. we never stopped loving each other. i have been with my husband 3 years and we still speak everyday. he is still waiting for me. its the worst feeling in the world. because i love them both. why couldnt i have just been more patient with my ex.

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i agree. when a relationship was over, although i may have been hurt, i never harassed the person, stalked them, blew up their phone etc. i just let it and them go.

i feel the same way jerrica. i feel if you love someone you should be able to let them go. my ex left me as well as one before that i loved as well and i have no bad hurtful feelings toward them and vice versa. i feel love wouldnt allow you to have those feelings. even if you are not with them you still want the best for them. but some people are too controlling and selfish to feel this way. its either you are with them or against them. it kills me that my husband and I think and feel so differently sometimes. it kills me that people think like this period.

i'm really sorry for your situation and what you and your family have had to deal with. and i didn't mean to sound judgemental if i did. i don't know why people just can't go on with their lives and leave you alone. why does a person have to be stalked and hounded like an animal trying to get away from a hunter? people who do this don't have any self pride or respect to me.

no your right its no kind of life. but i have left and not only did i suffer but so did my family. i quit my job moved out of state. he follows me every where that i go. its not like i could just say you know i think its best we go our seperate ways and him just let me be. if so i would have left long ago.

i've seen that alot. it seems easier to stay than leave, but god, what kind of life is that? i guess it's not meant for me to understand. like i'm having a hard time this a.m. trying to understand why my niece can't leave her no good ex alone after all he's done these last few months. it just baffle's me.

i know i do babe. but its like you know i left so many times and each time i have went through hell. it feels like staying is almost choosing the lesser of evils.

i know how scary this kind of man can be. thank god i never had one of my own that was a psycho but i've had enough friends and family that had them and i did too by default. i know it's easier said than done, i won't dispute you on that, but it can be done. i wouldn't say that if i hadn't witnessed it. and you deserve better in your life.

much easier said than done, my husband is a phycopath.

Dump and run---that's my advice--cut your losses and move on! I know easier said than done--

i mean thats the thing Jerrica my ex offers me so much more than my husband and i think thats why i still have so much space for him in my heart for him but its like i cant just leave my husband either. if i could i would have left long ago.

from what you've told me in the past about your hubby, maybe this could be your way out?

I know.

Get of the fence there girl. One or the other. Make a commitment and cut off the other. You will be miserable and so will both of them until you make a choice.<br />
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That, or if they're okay with a polyamorous situation........