Number One..

1. Don't start wearing make-up.

2. Never, ever, make yourself throw up.

3. Don't chicken out of things.

4. Stop worrying.

5. Be more confident.

6. Drink water, your skin hasn't half payed for that now.

7. Keep looking out for your mam, even if you think she's okay.

8. Don't let Sammie move away.

9. Tell Jamie what you thought of him when you had the chance.

10. Don't hate Christmas.

11. Work it out with Callum.

12. Don't let yourself get walked over.

13. Look out for Stan and Les more.

14. Don't wish days away, you'll regret not using them.

15. Don't argue with Dad, he only cares for you.

16. Keep going to Falconary and Diving.

17. Don't count everything you do, you'll obsess over it.

18. Don't write this, you start to regret more and more when really that stuff will make you who you are.



frankspencer frankspencer
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2009