Listen Up, You Goofball

1. let yourself get help for depression and anxiety.  do NOT fight it alone in your mind for the next 30 years.

2. don't stop doing hobbies that you enjoy

3. don't drink and do drugs

4. finish college straight out of high school

5. get marriage counseling every 5 years at least, and most definitely after the birth of your children.  communicate, communicate and never stop communicating.  don't let her disappointment in you drive how you feel about yourself.  base your trust on what she is willing to actually do to keep your marriage secure.

and screw it

6. find legal means ahead of time to prevent her from taking the children away.  be prepared.  don't believe that it can't happen.  and risk whatever you have to to go bring them home.  know the law!

and screw it

7. never ever, ever, ever, ever let a 'professional' diagnose you with anything or put you on any medication.

roadkil roadkil
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Great list. Depression and anxiety cause just as many problems sometimes more for those around us as well so that is a very good one, so is communicate, communicate and never stop communicating, knowing your rights as a father is a really good one as well.

Good things. I'd definitely say the high school to college bit. I regret not going right away. I wasn't into the college scene or partying but I wish I had gone right away to be better prepared. Think the marriage counseling is good idea. I think it should be required every 5 years at least. It would help if there were more affordable options though.