Take It Slow

I would say to my self "Open your eyes, take it slow, don't give into love unless you are sure it is being appreciated,accepted,and reciprocated"

Such an *** to believe, that I was capable of making her fall in love for who I am and not for what I could provide.

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well said salar1

advice ..... bide my time , accept what has happened ,give it time .... be less concerned for others and more so for myself.....

u love someone coz of the person he is..sorry for that

I hear you M. rotten hole is right where she is at.

Sorry sweetie, but as mentioned before, I think the love was and is there, but some just like to hop from one good thing to a rotten worm hole....<br />
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There is nothing wrong with following your heart. Sometime pain comes w/it but that is all part of loving.<br />
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*****<br />
Mine would be " What is the point"..... those who know my story, know very well why I would tell myself that :(

Underneath, I would have to say I'm as clueless as you. If you do find the answer send it my way. Mitch that would be the good escape,if I was 19 and in desperation. I can't deny that the thought did go through my mind at one point, but I don't have the balls to do that, no ****** point.

I want to understand how you can stop yourself from giving into love. How do you stop it even when you're aware it's not being reciprocated or appreciated? If I knew this, I would have avoided a lot of heartache.

this is just about the hardest question anyone could ask me... so maybe one day when I have the courage, I'll answer

Depends on how far back I am going in time,<br />
But the big one would be to "follow my bliss" and "love myself". Would have paved an entirely different life path for myself.