OK Self Here It Is

Hmmmmm. Is it regret? I wouldn't call it that. Unfortunately for us hindsight is 20/20. DAMNIT why does it have to be so clear after the dumby things we do? UGH!!

Now for the list: Oh Dear God.......

  • Do not have sex until you know how to handle the ramifications that may follow
  • Do not get married just because you are pregnant
  • Do not take verbal abuse. It is not EVER justified
  • Do not take physical abuse. Again it is NEVER acceptable behavior
  • Do not remain unhappy. Take a hold of your life and make it your own.
  • Hug your boys more
  • Show him and make sure he knows you love him
  • Watch your tongue
  • Read more
  • Spend less
  • Control your anger
  • Take better care of yourself
  • Drink more water
  • Allow yourself to relax more

Now of course this list could have so much more added and perhaps as my life goes on I will add to it, but for now this is enough.

We all live our lives in the moment, not always thinking about the moments to come. I do not regret the life I have lived. I just want to take the steps to not make the same mistakes over and over......and live a life filled with lessons learned through a rough road of course, but certainly a life made better with that learning :-) I have but one life to live here and I wont live it wondering about the "what ifs" or the "if only's." I choose to live for today and hope for better tomorrows.

MegJgeM MegJgeM
36-40, F
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

Awesome list Meg!<br />
<br />
I believe as long as we learn from our experiences, it is all good.<br />
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