That Little Girl

 There would be so much I could warn that girl about, so much I could say you ought to do instead.

  • Do not bite the new sister when you first meet her. This will Not Impress the new mother.
  • When your own mother says "I love you" don't cry because she's in Chicago and your, well, not, cry because she's there with that creep she calls husband and you won't see her regularly again until your twelve.
  • Stay away from the weirdo that is Papa's brother's son.
  • When dad ask you what you think about having a new brother or sister, do not say "Will they be mommy's?" and mean YOUR mommy. This will not go over well.
  • When you move into the big pink house, don't walk by the garbage bag after John throws a glass dish at you. The scar was cool, the stitches weren't.
  • Stay away from Bobby.
  • If you don't stay away from Bobby, at least do better in classes. No boy is worth failing a grade, especially since you move away before you can go to school with him.
  • Try to meet Ney earlier. And when people bully her, throw books at them. Yeah, she's worth it.
  • Don't push the sister down the stairs, even if she is a mean little cow. The punishment wasn't worth it.
  • Mewmaw is senile and eccentric. Take it in, along with her advice.
  • Cherish Freda more.
  • When you finally get Neko...try to, er, raise her differently. To, you know, NOT eat your hair.
  • Do Not introduce Ney and Cecil. It was nice to get him off your back, but pushing him onto her's just caused way tooooo much trouble.
  • When you first meet Amme, tell her that, yeah Sephiroth is cool, but he really needs a hair cut. That might make the road to friendship much smoother if you don't come off as incompentant.
  • Don't lie. It just causes too much grief. And especially don't lie about the big stuff, it just causes big issues.
  • He's kind of stupid and made a lot of mistakes, but it was a serious waste of time to hate dad for five years. And really, could you ask for anyone better?
  • Papa's strict. This is fact. Do Not try to change this by arguing with him 24/7. Don't worry, he changes in  few years anyway.
  • Also, arguing with Mewmaw that she's being too submissive to Papa is a lost cause. She'll just throw Bible lines at you and, again, don't worry, this'll also change in a few years.
  • Spend as much time as possible trying to understand mum and dad and less time fighting with them. Sometimes their choices made sense.
  • Its okay to be yourself and take chances. It might not always go the way you hope, or plan, or hell, even right, but something good always comes out of something bad/stupid/wrong.
  • Yes, boys are idiots and girls are stupid, its okay. You are too. Roll around in the metaphorical mud of childishness - you'll miss it.
  • Next time the mother insults mum, tell her quite calmly, that no, you don't care your mum's a "*****", at least you weren't the product of her sleeping with a man just so he'd leave her alone. This might get you slapped, but, hey, backbones need to be grown, and lying is wrong.
  • When you first meet your mum's third and last husband, threaten him believingly. Saying you will casterate him doesn't work. Instead, tell him you'll introduce his daughter to all the wonders of insanity and corrupt her. That might work.
  • Do Not sic your lizard on the sister. In years to come, Do Not sic the neighbor's pet boa on the sister. This will not go over well the first time you do it, and will Definately Not get better the next five times.
  • Be proud of what you CAN do, not disappointed in what you CAN'T do.

 I guess even if I could tell my younger self this stuff...she probably wouldn't listen. And, maybe I would just tell her to find the ones I cherish now so much a lot sooner. Maybe tell her that, no, it wasn't considered mature to write your ex-Best friend's number on the bleachers, or that being biased and prejudgdice doesn't win real friends... Though, I know I'd definately tell her that when skipping school, be unpredicable. And, you know, try to come home around the time the bus usually comes by, cause mum isn't stupid and knows when you lie.

  • When have done something stupid/bad/wrong, don't regret that you did it. Regret that you got caught, because regret in general tends to make you sink.
  • People don't live forever, tell them what you think of them now.
  • Sometimes the worst decision has the best results.
  • Never stop wishing and dreaming. Maturity only means you know how to act in public, and sometimes magic is very real. Just not in the fictional sense.
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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

you were bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just saying. It's ok, I was really BAD!!!! But to look back now and think "what the hell was I thinking when I did that" makes you laugh, giggle or at least grin at some of the dumb a*s **** you did or pulled on other people