Just Do It!

I'd say don't think of all the things that are holding you back.

They're not worth it.

I'd say don't think that it's going to get better.

It's not.

I'd say don't wait around.

The blue lights are coming.

I'd say don't let the police woman hold your hand.

She wont help you, not in the long run.

I'd say just jump.


jump now,

jump while you have the chance,

jump while you have the conviction,

jump while you just don't care,

jump now.


if you don't,

you never will.



I want to point out that I'm not writing this as encouragement to commit suicide, this piece of writing is just a reflection on what advice I would've told to my 15 year old self, it's not right or wrong, it just is.

trixabell trixabell
26-30, F
Feb 26, 2010