Usually 2 Years Older

Only had 2 real serious relationships they were both about 2 years old than me.  I did meet one guy 10 years older than me long ago when I was 19 but he was probably less mature than I was. LOL  We had talked online/phone for months before I moved near him(it was planned before we met, met in a chat room for the state) and I wouldn't really say we dated even though I did spend about 2 weeks with him.  One of my serious relationships also came about through the Internet.  We almost married too.

I have been attracted to younger guys though, mostly my brother's friends(my brother is 16 months younger than me) but never dated any.  Almost got together with one younger I met through work but he got scared off by the whole divorce and kid thing before we really started any relationship. They probably got intimidated by the age too.   Though I did have a huge crush on one of my brothers friends for some time but never said anything.  I found out years later from my brother he had one on me too. DUH!!
shuttermagic shuttermagic
36-40, F
Feb 25, 2008